Shine 2010: Where to See Art in Scottsdale

Bonner David
Former Brady Bunch actress Eve Plumb is among the artists represented at this upscale two-room gallery that rotates selections monthly.
7040 E. Main St.

Gebert Contemporary
Large-scale abstract paintings and sculptures dominate the sleek, polished bi-level gallery space at this mecca of modern art.
7160 E. Main St.

Duley-Jones Gallery
You'll feel like the bull in the proverbial china shop at Duley-Jones, where the walls are literally covered floor-to-ceiling with an eccentric collection of artwork from Bruce Cody's retro streetscapes to glass bowls, wooden birds, and children's book illustrations by Scottsdale's own Sylvia Long.
7100 E. Main St.

Wilde Meyer Gallery
A 27-year veteran of the Scottsdale art scene, Wilde Meyer boasts a massive rotating collection of colorful Southwestern contemporary art, including Julie Feldman's whimsical interior landscapes and Dave Klein's sunny, yellow glass flowers.
4142 N. Marshall Way

Xanadu Gallery
Xanadu's eclectic in-house collection, which includes Colombian-born artist Guilloume's figural bronze sculptures and funky road-sign-covered guitars by Dave Newman, is culled from an extensive online gallery of represented artists.
7039 E. Main St., Ste. 101

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