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The Night Also Rises
Scottsdale may not be the only place in the world with a permanently installed skyspace open to the public, but it is one of only three such places.
Dig that!

Internationally acclaimed artist James Turrell's famous Knight Rise installation, at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art's Nancy and Art Schwalm Sculpture Garden, frames the heavens as pure color and shows us what Turrell calls "the changing light of the sky." The simply elegant viewing chamber opens onto the universe through an elliptical-shaped oculus which, combined with an elaborate lighting system, gives the impression that visitors are sitting in an ocean of illuminated air. Whether you stop by at sunrise or sunset, the natural light show you'll see makes it seem that the sky is oozing right down into Turrell's cozy space.

Open to the public during regular museum hours, Knight Rise also can be reserved for private viewings or for special events. (If you want to watch the sunrise, à la Turrell, a reservation is required.) No matter when you visit, this Scottsdale icon is a must-see destination.
7383 E. 2nd St., 480-874-4604,


Lisa Sette Gallery
4142 N. Marshall Way, Ste. G

Udinotti Gallery
4215 N. Marshall Way

Bentley Gallery
4161 N. Marshall Way

Art One
4130 N. Marshall Way

Costello Childs Contemporary Fine Art
2724 N. 68th St., Ste. 1

Larsen Gallery
3705 N. Bishop Lane

Riva Yares
3625 N. Bishop Lane

Rock Star Gallery
15220 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste. 160

SMoCA Lounge
The former Virginia Ullman Gallery at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art now is a swell mixed-use facility where museum visitors can attend museum after-parties or, during the day, forums and art classes.
7374 E. 2nd St., 480-874-4666,

Method Art
This space is home to 27 artists, nine of whom work in-house in open studio spaces. The collection offers an emphasis on photography and contemporary art, all by locals.
4142 N. Marshall Way, 480-423-0888,

The Cosanti Foundation
Home to some of the state's most forward-thinking architecture programs (not to mention a whole bunch of really gorgeous copper sculptures and wind chimes), this renowned arts venue is situated on Soleri Plaza and is marked by the 115,000-pound stainless-steel bridge, Scottsdale's most iconic public artwork.
6433 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd., 480-948-6145,

Calvin Charles Gallery
This world-renowned gallery exhibits international artists living and working in China, Vietnam, and Japan and nationally recognized and emerging modern artists from Europe and North and South America. A permanent exhibit of Asian antiques is worth seeing.
4201 N. Marshall Way, 480-421-1818,

The Lawrence Gallery
This fine art gallery is the exclusive Scottsdale seller of the art of Dr. Seuss and offers work by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists, with an emphasis on original paintings, limited edition graphic work, and sculpture.
7036 E. Main St., 480-443-5575,

May Gallery
Scottsdale's best-known gallery of Western art and artists has offered paintings, art glass, and bronzes for more than 40 years in a warm, inviting, multi-level gallery space.
3922 N. Scottsdale Rd., 480-922-1801,

Scottsdale Fine Art
Oil paintings and bronze and ceramic sculptures are the order of the day at this large, well-regarded Main Street Gallery. Watercolors and pastels by national and international artists are also on display.
7116 E. Main St., 480-990-3100,

Wilde Meyer Gallery
For nearly 30 years, fans and collectors of Linda Carter Holman, Sherri Belassen, and Barbara Gurwitz have come to Wilde Meyer, which also displays eclectic contemporary works by other artists, as well.
4142 N. Marshall Way, 480-945-2323,


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