Richie Moe, Mixologist and partner at Citizen Public House.
Jamie Peachey

Shine Interview: Richie Moe

Explain what kind of shopper you are: impulsive, strategic, cautious? I'm a pretty strategic shopper. I go for investment pieces that I know I'll keep for a long time. Whether it be a good watch, new shoes, a shirt, or an accessory, I have to be confident that it'll be timeless in order to buy it.

What is your biggest weakness? Are you a sucker for sales, a certain silhouette, functionality, or something else? A well-tailored suit. I don't wear them much, but it makes such a difference when it's perfect.

What is the most extreme action you've ever taken to acquire a piece? I spent two months tracking down a certain vintage Rolex from the 1950s. Finally found it on eBay, and it was definitely worth the hunt.


Shine: Your Pocket Guide to Scottsdale

What is the one object/piece you think everyone should have at least one of? A good hat. — Laurie Notaro


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