Shock Jock Itch

You’re a loser who can’t sleep, so what do you do? Listen to the nighttime shock jock on your local AM station. You listen just long enough to get pissed off, because this asshole gets paid to say stupid things in between pappy pop songs, and you know it. You’re waiting. And once you’re good and mad, you dial his number, and you go on air and let him insult you, just like he did the guy before you and the guy before that.

But you’re different. You show up later at the radio station. With a weapon. You’ll teach this guy a little respect.

And so goes Eric Bogosian’s rather well-known Talk Radio, about an obnoxious radio host on the night of his death. The original production enjoyed a long run at New York's Public Theatre starring the author; this one takes place at Scottsdale’s Chyro Arts Venue.

Thursdays-Saturdays. Starts: Aug. 27. Continues through Sept. 11, 2009


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