Shootout at the MV Corral

You think the Wild West is as dead as the Clanton gang? Well, you may change your mind after hearing the tale of Miracle Valley, located in Cochise County, Arizona.

The town was founded in 1958 by pioneering television evangelist A.A. Allen. In 1979, the Christ Miracle Healing Center and Church relocated to the MV from Chicago, greatly outnumbering the local population at the time. Three years of friction, rumors, and violence culminated in an armed conflict that left two church members dead and five law enforcement officers injured. No one was charged in the 1982 incident, a $75 million lawsuit was settled out of court, and the church packed up and returned to Chicago.

Author William R. Daniel was engaged by surviving sheriff’s deputies to tell the story that never made it into the public record in his new book, Shootout at Miracle Valley. Current Cochise County Sheriff Larry A. Dever and others who were involved in the craziness will speak on a panel with Daniel.

Sat., June 27, 2 p.m., 2009


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