Shorts But Sweet

Not much has changed since the dawn of “experimental” film. The flicks are still largely low-budget, grainy, and contain imagery you can only understand after ingesting hallucinogens. But unlike a snooze-worthy documentary about Darfur or North Korea, at least the arty puppies in No Festival Required’s Lucky 13 Edition: Short Films from Independent Exposure are under 10 minutes long. The collection features more than two dozen short works, including 2008’s juried-competition second-place winner Kino by Armel Hostiou, an electro-pop video by German musician Torsten Kretchmar, and a flick about a washing-machine repairman who goes berserk.

No Fest will screen the latest batch from Independent Exposure, the San Francisco/Houston-based microcinema company, at OneOhOne Gallery. Why Mesa? Independent Exposure works have been previewed in 44 countries plus Antarctica and the base camp at Mount Everest. It was only a matter of time before they conquered America’s most boring big city.

Sat., July 11, 8 p.m., 2009


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