Sin City Slicker

The thing about our beloved Scottsdale socialites is that they’d all rather be in Vegas. In fact, with enough booze, drugs, and scantily clad women, many of them actually believe they are.

This weekend will be no exception, as Sin City nightlife guru extraordinaire DJ Shift hits the decks at SIX Lounge. As resident MC at Vegas’ Bare, Tao, and Hard Rock Cafe, Shift is as renowned for his charm as his spinning skills. Resembling a slightly more accessible Travis Barker, Shift drives the ladies wild with his chiseled, tattooed bod and perfectly coifed fauxhawk while spinning everything from ´80s rock to one-hit wonders to mash-ups of trip-hop, jungle, and drum ´n' bass. So throw on your favorite Ed Hardy top -- as long as it doesn’t cover your tramp stamp -- and get as close to Las Vegas as possible without that so-exhausting 30-minute flight. There will most certainly be an inordinately long line to get in, so arrive early or RSVP online.

Sat., Sept. 22, 10 p.m., 2007


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