Singular Sensation

Don't let the seeming scramble of letters and numbers of Tyson Powless' UN3EK SY5TEM (pronounced "unique system") fool you. The graphic designer has a straightforward point of view when it comes to his creations, which draw inspiration from graffiti and his Native American heritage, as well as punk and '80s hip-hop culture.

Powless will showcase six of his new unisex t-shirt designs at the UN3EK SY5TEM 2012 Fashion Show on Saturday. The bill also includes a performance from his band, The Analog Sweat, and work from two other fashion designers: Wisdoma Lifewarrior, Powless' mother, and his sister, Endowna Endwarrior, whose line is called Shiny Moon Creations.

Sat., March 31, 9 p.m., 2012


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