S.O.B. Story

2007's been a rough year for D.L. Hughley. His co-starring spot on the Aaron Sorkin experiment Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip evaporated after the once-applauded but bizarrely boring show was canceled. Then, later in the summer, he was hated on by protesters for a joke made in the aftermath of the Don Imus/Rutgers basketball scandal. But kings of comedy survive these types of setbacks, and we suspect D.L. didn't argue with all the publicity. (See, for example, the titles of his recent HBO special and new BET show, Unapologetic and S.O.B.: Socially Offensive Behavior, respectively.) Your own sitcom on the UPN can take you only so far, but post-The Hughleys, D.L.'s done fairly well for himself with various film spots and comedy specials. Though he hasn't reached the exposure level of a Bernie Mac, he's also no Steve Harvey, whom we can't remember hearing from in years.
Fri., Nov. 9, 8 p.m., 2007


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