The QuickPHX cover by Sebastien Millon
The QuickPHX cover by Sebastien Millon
Phoenix New Times

Spotted: QuickPHX, Collector's Edition

Bonus alert:This week's edition of New Times has a little something extra.

The little red-orange book that you can find inserted in the central Phoenix editions of the paper and throughout Phoenix businesses and galleries is the fourth volume of QuickPHX, a helpful guide to hot visuals, restaurants, shopping spots, and after hour activities in the Valley.

Other than being insanely useful, QuickPHX has a jackalope cover and jackalope illustrations throughout by local artist Sebastien Millon. (Rumor has it, he's designing a Jackalope Ranch sticker, but more on that tomorrow ...)

Spotted: QuickPHX, Collector's Edition
illustration by Sebastien Millon

This season's fix is themed collections, which you know we love, and features artist Sue Chenoweth's dollhouses, and Go-Kat-Go owner Brandi Kvetko's Halloween memorabilia to name a couple.

The quick answers for cool local art, fashion, music, food, and drink spots are in this book, so check the guide out online, or grab a couple while they're hot, er, cool ... you know what we mean.


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