Spring Training Eye Candy: MLB's 10 Sexiest Baseball Players

Spring Training Eye Candy: MLB's 10 Sexiest Baseball Players
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As warmer temperatures inch their way up in the Valley, thousands will gather to watch the pre-season quarrels of great American pastime. The carefree days of spring training hit Arizona's stage again, bringing in 15 major-league teams from around the nation.

Limited to two destinations nationwide, Arizona (Cactus League) and Florida (Grapefruit League) are the the reigning baseball preseason havens. Aside from the idyllic temperatures and pristine lawn conditions, Jackalope Ranch envies more than just the players' athletic abilities.

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Cole Hamels
Cole Hamels

10. Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels earns more than impressive pitching credentials. The six-foot-three San Diego native was 2008's World Series MVP and continues to attract followers with his sexy stubble and community charities.

9. Justin Verlander 2011 Cy Young Award winner Justin Verlander was the first pitcher in history to throw a no-hitter at Comerica Park in Detroit. Rumored to be linked to model Kate Upton, the Tigers ace throws more than just the heat.

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