Spy on a Polar Bear
John Downer via Coolhunting

Spy on a Polar Bear

John Downer knows humans may never get all that up close and personal with their favorite (and huge) white bears -- but his cameras will. 

The wildlife filmmaker recently released footage from Spy On The Ice, a set of three types of weather-proof cameras that blend into the natural environment to reveal the lives of two mother bears and their cubs as they cross Arctic Norway. 

The result is an intimate look into the lives of the animals through the Snow-cam (disguised as a lump of snow and equipped with four-wheel drive), the Blizzard-cam (with propellers that allow the camera to travel at 37 mph), and the Iceberg-cam (waterproof and capable of floating between sheets of ice and diving under the water). 

See a clip of Downer's 3D footage below and more information on his website.

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