Stage: The Dinner Party

Stage: The Dinner Party

Reading this week's "Stage" column, it's clear that Robrt L. Pela has a certain amount of contempt for The Dinner Party's Neil Simon. It's nice to know, however that he was able to look past one man to find a few things to enjoy about this piece presented by Desert Stages.

Robrt L. Pela on The Dinner Party:

There were other revelations waiting for me, however. I was very surprised to learn that, in fact, Jimmy Shoffman can act -- and quite nicely, too. And I discovered the estimable talents of Jennifer White, who understands the subtleties of farce and plays Simon as if his cloying dialogue were written for her. I was so pleased watching these two in their scenes together, I was able to overlook for minutes at a time Simon's sitcom stylings and super-snappy dialogue, which normally cause my toes to curl...full story


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