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Some perks of performing live when you're, say, Wayne Newton, include the ladies, lingerie, and a whole lotta panties tossed onstage. If you're a knob-twiddling techno Moog master laying low behind the Technics, you'd probably settle for a DVD or maybe some new shareware for your Linux-based laptop-music-making self. Duck, though, because that disc might leave a mark when you're front and center for the four-year-strong Thru the Wires, the fiercest breakcore, EDM, elektro, breakbeat, and techno set in town.

If you can distinguish an 808 rhythm composer from a 909, you'll most definitely dig this month's shindig. Five hyperactive acts are scheduled to perform, including Nero's Day at Disneyland, a one-man laptop impresario who also plays guitar; local hero Terminal11 (Cock Rock Disco); ANGR MGMT, the master of the old-school rave sound (old-school as in before glow sticks); Modem, an Aphex Twin-inspired enfant terrible; and Warp Zone, who plays Nintendo tracks. We're not saying you have to toss your choonies onstage, but we know you'll be back for more.

Last Sunday of every month, 8 p.m., 2007


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