Stationary Hobo: Kevin Patterson Shows Us The World Through Local Artist Interviews

Kevin Patterson has been there, done that, in terms of traveling. So now that he's tied down to a job and a mortgage, he's recreating the experience without leaving his current Phoenix home.

Patterson recently debuted Stationary Hobo, a podcast series -- featuring Rick Larsen and Patterson conducting travelogue interviews with globetrotting locals (mostly creative types, such as Lisa Takata) -- that allows folks to spread their wings and "see the world without leaving Phoenix," he says.

Patterson -- who lived in Mexico City and Syria and also visited Colombia just for fun -- has been busy working out the kinks that comes with podcast culture. But during a recent chat with New Times, he explains that it's mostly figured out. As a result, expect episodes every two weeks or so.

The next one on the docket will showcase Meghan Jones, Matt Spastic, and Lesli Yazzie dishing about their adventures in a "Have you ever traveled for your art?" topic. Patterson swears the episode is a trip (pun intended), especially Yazzie's chronicling of her time living and painting in a South Dakota silo during the winter.

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