Summer Guide: Get Toasted

Get toasted, Phoenix. And we're not talking about the backs of your legs on pleather seats after your car's roasted in the sun for an hour in the Safeway parking lot. We mean cocktails — serious cocktails. In our latest guide to summer in this godforsaken city (well, godforsaken from May to September, at least) Sarah Fenske's drinking up the latest trend: artisanal cocktails. Robrt L. Pela fondly recalls boozing days gone by, and Benjamin Leatherman's got your towel ready, along with a list of the best pool parties around town.

We've got other plans for you, too. Sativa Peterson will help you borrow everything from music to a trek through a local museum, courtesy of your public library. Take off with Eric Manch for the cooler climes of Tucson, or head to Saguaro Lake for some kayak action with C.M. Redding. And, as always, we've got your summer mainstay — a guide to this season's movies. Cheers!


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