Super Simple Bleach Pen Projects
Laura Gill

Super Simple Bleach Pen Projects

If you're not familiar with bleach pens, buckle up. These handy little pens hold a bleach gel intended for stain removal, but they're also absolutely great tools for a quick and easy projects.

Here follows a few of my favorite bleach pen inspirations from Pinterest ...

Super Simple Bleach Pen Projects

Remake your napkins: 

I could not refuse this idea. One can never have too many cloth napkins. I found some dark blue ones at Goodwill for $.49 each. 

I used the bleach pen to create a flower pattern similar to the one in the pin (as seen above). These make great gifts, by the way.

Give your T-shirts a makeover!

While I have plenty of plain shirts that could use a makeover, I haven't yet been able to settle on a pattern. 

For me it's akin to getting a tattoo. I'm too darn chicken and afraid I'll hate it afterward.

Though I guess I could always throw the shirt away...

These shirts are inspiring too.

Re-do your shoes!

Super Simple Bleach Pen Projects

If you're truly courageous, you could remake your TOMS. I only own one pair of TOMS and they're white; or at least that's the color they were when I first bought them. Turns out I can use the pen for its intended purpose...

If, like me, free drawing scares the crap out of you, create a stencil using freezer paper (or contact paper according to this pin).

See here for a tutorial on freezer paper stencils.


  • The longer you leave the gel on the fabric, the more white it will become. Still, don't expect dark items to turn absolutely white; the final look is more batik-looking.

  • While these gel pens are not as messy as working with liquid bleach, do take note of what you're wearing as well as the surroundings. They have a tendency to "spit out" when releasing air bubbles.

  • Make sure you work on a bleach-safe surface, as it bleeds through the fabric.

Bleach pens can be found in the laundering section of most stores and cost about $3. One pen is enough for several projects.

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