Tennis, Anyone?

Which LGBT tennis tournament only has one woman signed up? The Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance-sanctioned Cactus Open 2010.

"Bigger cities like Atlanta have larger core groups, which include women," says tournament director Chris Jenkins. Granted, it's the event's inaugural year and we're not San Francisco, where wannabe Martina Navratilovas aspire to rule the clay courts. We live in Phoenix, where lesbians won't leave the bar.

Thankfully, a sign-up surge from gentlemen players prevailed for the three-day tournament at Phoenix Tennis Center. During the white-knuckled singles and doubles matches as well as the fun at the Kobalt Draw Party and Hilton Saturday Social, if a chick says she's a tennis pro in town for the weekend, don't believe her.

Oct. 15-17, 2010


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