Thanksgiving Daze

"Oh, the humanity!" cried WKRP in Cincinnati reporter Les Nessman as 25 turkeys plummeted to their splatty deaths after being tossed from a helicopter. Unfortunately, our consciousness always takes a dive similar to the publicity-stunt-cum-fowl-tragedy following Thanksgiving dinner. Luckily, Redmonkey's Work That Turkey is here to save the day.

Redmonkey founder and dance-music don of the desert Pete "Supermix" Salaz will rally his house-music soldiers to help pull hapless folks out of their food comas. The "Supermix" moniker isn't just a self-administered nickname; it's a one-word manifesto and promise to smoothly blend one great groove after another to move that derriere. It's what Salaz has lived up to in his two decades of spinning and what's crucial to Work That Turkey's annual effort to chase away the tryptophan blues.

Thu., Nov. 27, 9 p.m., 2008


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