The 10 Spookiest Places in Metro Phoenix

Hotel San Carlos
Hotel San Carlos
Ms. Phoenix via Flickr

While you could pay good money to visit any number of haunted house attractions in the Valley this fall, there are those who prefer that their creepy outings be a little more authentic. Whether they're haunted, historic, or just eerily abandoned, there are plenty of permanent locations around the Valley that will get your blood pumping. Grab your security blankets and plug in the nightlight, because we're introducing you to the 10 spookiest places in metro Phoenix.

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Hotel San Carlos

The Hotel San Carlos is one of downtown Phoenix's most infamous haunted hotspots. In 1928, the year the hotel opened, a distraught woman named Leone Jensen committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the seven-story hotel. Since then guests and staff have claimed to have witnessed her ghost wandering the halls; so much so, that the historic building has become a routine stop on Phoenix-based ghost tours.

Orpheum Theater
Orpheum Theater
Conrad Schmitt Studios via Wikimedia Commons

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Orpheum Theater

The stage performers come and go at Orpheum Theater, but one star that always seems to stick around is the house ghost, Mattie. She has been spotted by wandering by the balcony by theater patrons and employees. While little history has actually been revealed about Mattie, ghost tours have been held, and most witnesses describe her as wearing clothing from the mid-20th century.

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