The 7 Sexiest Mustaches Ever

Do you have 'stache envy yet?
Do you have 'stache envy yet?
Flickr via Pierce Martin

Well, mother-stachers, it's officially Movember. Toss out your razors, trimmers, and any excuse for facial grooming. For the next 30 days, that patchy, scraggly lip fringe is free to grow, catch crumbs, and (in all likelihood) repel ladies.

However, face fuzz isn't automatically unsexy. So, we figured we'd assist you in this month-long whiskered endeavor. Here are the sexiest mustaches of ever in the universe and their owners -- real, imagined, or otherwise. Imitate with caution. You're welcome.

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Talk mustache to us, Tom.
Talk mustache to us, Tom.

Tom Selleck We all know Tom Selleck is a hottie with a body. But his all-man mustache consistently steals the show, boasting its own Facebook page and inspiring the cinematic theory that its bushy presence automatically improves the quality of a film.

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