The Best Gay Bars in Phoenix

Bs West in Scottsdale
Bs West in Scottsdale
photo by Adele Hampton
Phoenix celebrated gay pride in March, but the rest of the country is still flying rainbow flags for national Gay and Lesbian Pride month.

We took the colorful opportunity (read: excuse) to travel the Valley to rank and review a few local gay bars worth visiting. After all, it may be too hot to march down Third Street in downtown Phoenix -- but it doesn't mean Britney can't be played and shirtless men can't dance.

Read on for scores in "straight friendliness," quality of the dance floor, how many times Ke$ha was played, and much more.

7125 E. 5th Ave., Scottsdale

If it weren't for the almost-naked go-go dancers, Bs West wouldn't be on the radar. Speaking of radar, you'll need it to find this club. Luckily, we ran into two gays who were able to show us the way.

Gay to straight ratio: 7:1

Dance floor: This place was built to dance. The only downside was the lack of lighting (who wants to pick up a guy in the dark?)

Music selection: Again, the same Ke$ha song was blasting as the go-go boys (major perk) were dancing in their skin-tight, neon briefs.

Type of crowd: Early 20's (and a tan is definitely required)

Overheard: "I remember lots of dark alleys," said our "tour guide" as we tried to find the building.

Prime time: Saturday or Wednesday (martini specials) at 11 p.m.

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