The Biggest Winner

For most of us, New Year’s resolutions have to do with shedding cellulite. For Ali Vincent, former winner of The Biggest Loser and the first female to snag the $250,000 prize by losing 112 pounds, it’s been there, done that. This year, the Mesa native is setting her sights on Boston -- the marathon, not the cream pie.

“It’s my first full marathon and I’m scared to death!” says Vincent, “But you don’t have to win the race, you just have to do it. I love to encourage people that if you want to, you can.”

That can-do outlook has taken Ali from a 234-pound, Spandex-stretching, reality-show contestant to a svelte inspirational speaker, spokeswoman, author, and soon-to-be creator of the “Believe It. Be it. Foundation,” a place where young girls fight obesity and learn to believe in themselves.

“I say I created my destiny,” says Vincent. “Others say NBC bought two more episodes because there was a writer’s strike and that’s how it happened. Whatever!”

Seeing is believing.

Sat., Jan. 16, 12-2 p.m., 2010


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