The Blake Show

For as long as most hoops junkies can remember, the Phoenix Suns and the Lakers have jointly dominated the NBA's Pacific Division. Inversely, the Clippers and the Warriors routinely have been division punching bags. Oh what a year or two can do. With the mighty Lakers reeling and the Suns in utter disarray, Blake Griffin and company have Lob City atop the Pacific Division, while Mark Jackson's new-look Warriors are hot on their trail.

So when the Clippers visit US Airways Center, 201 East Jefferson Street, on Sunday, December 23, they'll be packing more heat than their abysmal rosters of yesteryear and certainly more than the Suns. That said, Gentry's humble squad put up thirty-six solid minutes against the Clips during the two teams' initial meeting -- before completely imploding in the final twelve.

Sun., Dec. 23, 6 p.m., 2012


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