The Bod Squad

You’ve subsisted on nothing but carrots, church wafers, and Chinese laxatives for the past three months, determined to have the perfect bikini figure. You’ve withstood numerous suggestions to “eat a goddamn cookie” and are looking forward to flashing that ass-and-tit set of yours. Never mind that the contours of your internal organs have become discernible to the naked eye.

Looking for an opportunity to flaunt your killer bod? Well, July 4 could be your unveiling day, ’cause the First Fridays version of the bimonthly Rise Up: Summer Sessions series kicks off at the Hotel San Carlos. There’ll be live music, art, a full bar, and a grand assembly of voyeurs and exhibitionists alike hanging poolside.

First Friday of every month, 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Starts: July 4. Continues through Sept. 5, 2008


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