The Buddy System

Befriend a lawyer and you’ll beat that DUI charge faster than you can knock back another tequila shot. Make nice with a vet and Spot’s worm shot is on the house. But if your inner circle consists of artists, well, we hope you like Ramen noodles.

There are some perks, though, as the “Invitation Only” group exhibition proves. Each of the nine artists who run five15 Arts chose one friend or relative to participate in the show, on display through Saturday, June 27, at the gallery. With a selection process like that, you might expect refrigerator-quality crayon crap; even the artists were a bit nervous about each other’s selections.

“I think with any group show, you always worry a little about what the other person is bringing,” says artist Takara Portis. “Ultimately . . . we trust each other.” For Portis and Laura Spalding Best, who selected her husband, Matthew Best, the decision about who to choose was a no-brainer. For others who are friendly with many artists, it was more difficult. But no friends or family members who weren’t chosen have complained. “As far as I know personally,” says Portis, “there weren't any protests or ultimatums.”

Fridays, Saturdays. Starts: June 6. Continues through June 27, 2009


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