The Colour Clock: A Timely Take on Hexadecimal Colors

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The Colour Clock: A Timely Take on Hexadecimal ColorsEXPAND
The Colour Clock via @ljthornton

Your day just got a little more colorful, thanks to Jack Hughes. The London-based designer describes his latest project, the Colour Clock, as an "an experimental project that represents the current time as a hexadecimal colour." 

Quick translation: Hexadecimal colors (aka hex code) are the shades defined by six digits in HTML and style sheets used in web design. 

Nerd alert, indeed.

Each color is gathered by interpreting the hour, minute, and second values that describe the reds, greens, and blues. 

The result is the Colour Clock, a constantly changing background that's available for download on Hughes' website.

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