The Devil's Advocate

Most terrifying horror movies give you nightmares thanks to plausible story lines. The Exorcist is a prime example. William O’Malley, an actual priest who played Father Dyer says the plot is 80 percent true, with the main differences being that the real story involved a little boy and the vomit (famously spewed by Linda Blair) was a different color.

The Exorcist has been shocking moviegoers for nearly 40 years with Blair’s 360-degree head-spin, demonic voices, and (who could forget?) masturbating crucifix scene. Who better to introduce the film than drag diva Becky B, who will host a live musical pre-show and a few thematically fitting contests? No puking will be necessary during the split-pea soup sucking contest, folks can keep it PG-13 with the Jackin’ it to Jesus Big Hair Competition, and souls might just be redeemed during the Exercise the Demons Dance-Off.

Fri., June 8, 11:30 p.m., 2012


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