The Five Worst Wedding Trends on Pinterest

The Five Worst Wedding Trends on Pinterest;;

Big ups to you, pinners of Pinterest. You've made it officially impossible not to browse cutesy, crafty crap for wedding pinspiration. (We aren't even going to talk about you unattached ladies pinning away with your "someday

Thing is, for every actually awesome thing we might consider attempting (and failing) to make, there are, oh let's see, hundreds of really embarrassing, hideous, and terrible suggestions, projects, and other items that circulate in ye olde nuptials section of the site. Here are the worst trends we've come across.

Mumfording Mumford and Sons sucks and so does this totally tired look. Pinky swear that in a decade or two this suspender, bow tie, and Fivel cap thing will be the equivalent of a pale blue suit with a ruffle shirt. The dream of the 1890s might be alive in Portland, but you, pal, are in the wrong decade.

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The Five Worst Wedding Trends on Pinterest;;

Mason Jar Everything Utilitarian? Yes. Cute? Sure. But do you really want glass jam containers as the cornerstone of your wedding décor? No. No, you don't. We're calling it, right here, right now: Mason jars are donezo. 

The Five Worst Wedding Trends on Pinterest;;

Guns The hunt is over? Of course you realize this implies that you shot or trapped or sedated this person you're planning to spend your life and forced him/her to marry you? Cool. I'm sure he/she will make a lovely throw rug. 

The Five Worst Wedding Trends on Pinterest;;

Burlap Yes, Marilyn Monroe looked good in a burlap sack. You, lady, are no Marilyn Monroe. Burlap is for rug backing and potato holding. It is, by definition, bland, blah, and rugged. It does not look good alongside your Vera Wang. That is, unless your wedding is ugly themed. (Please note the double whammy of a Mason jar and burlap invitation. You pinnies make this way too easy.) 

The Five Worst Wedding Trends on Pinterest;;

Heart Hands Wedding pics are cheesy enough without throwing heart shapes. You're (probably) not in middle school, therefore this is ridiculous.

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