The Flip Side

After receiving Aunt Fred’s handmade sweater vest that’s bedazzled with “Born to Die,” we’re hoofing it to Hoodlums New & Used Music the day after Christmas to check out some real art at Spraygraphic’s second annual “B-Sides: Vinyl Art Show.”

Besides the affordable, original artwork available for purchase, the exhibition of decorated twelve-inch LPs underscores the vastness of the Spraygraphic online community, which spans more than 50 countries. The work in this show feature 88 grooved discs that are manipulated, stenciled, or painted with a variety of themes, such as a sweet-faced girl in a bear mask as well as countenances of Miles Davis, Michael Stipe, and Scott Baio. You can also find talented artist pastiches by Masha Vereshchenko of Pennsylvania, Rebecca Dennison of the United Kingdom, and homegrown Arizona creative types John Kolezsar and Jessica Jordon.

Dec. 6-Jan. 31, 2009


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