The "Forget Me Nots" Project: Remembering Razed Architecture
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The "Forget Me Nots" Project: Remembering Razed Architecture

Much of Budapest's traditional architecture was destroyed during a long history of occupation -- including houses, libraries, and schools -- and was replaced with what the group calls "new ugly buildings made of cheap and bad materials." 

This month, they started the Nefelejcs (Hungarian for Forget-Me-Nots) Project, in which large-scale reproductions of the buildings' blueprints/X-rays are painted on the buildings that stand in their places. 


"The idea was to create a memorial painting of a demolished building," the group writes. "So we made the plans of the painting with real measures of the buildings walls, roof and every details, the way it was before."

See more images from the project, funded by the Ludwig Múzeum, on the group's Facebook page

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