The Good Humor Man

Charlie Hill’s career hasn’t been Earth-shattering. Oh, the standup comic’s had his moments: stray gigs on Letterman and Leno, one-offs on The Richard Pryor Show, Moesha, Roseanne, The Bionic Woman. Mostly, though, this son of the Iroquois Nation has spent his professional life in the middling gray area that separates Anglo culture from native and gutter bums from stars. Still, there’s a deep, good humor about the twinkle-eyed Hill, the kind you won’t often find in more successful standups, and these gifts shine through in filmmaker Sandra Sunrising Osawa’s stereotype-busting 2000 documentary On & Off the Res’ w/ Charlie Hill.
Mon., May 19, 1:30 p.m., 2008


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