The good reverend

We probably should’ve seen it coming. After The White Stripes hit the big time earlier this decade, a host of other two-piece acts followed in their footsteps, from the bluesy rock of the Black Keys to the bass-driven dance-punk of Death from Above 1979 to the sludgy doom metal of Black Cobra. Nowadays, those bands sound downright grandiose compared to the current crop of one-man bands hitting the club circuit. Denver’s Reverend Deadeye is one of a growing number of one-man bands trying to shed the “gimmick” label with a sound that’s equal parts low-fi punk and revivalist Delta blues. The good Reverend belts out his unique interpretation of the Gospel through a rusty beer can-turned-microphone, strumming an electric resonator guitar and keeping the beat with a lone bass drum. It’s as dance-worthy as it is gritty and profound as it is profane. Fans of Bob Log III and/or Scott H. Biram will not want to miss the Reverend Deadeye when he makes a pair of stops in the Valley this week.
Sat., Jan. 17, 8 p.m., 2009


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