The Hole Story

The national spotlight may be on Arizona's new immigration law, but let us remember why we love living here: warm weather, cheap housing, and, oh, just a little something called the Grand freakin’ Canyon. The giant hole attracts five million visitors (and their wallets) to our Nazi-esque dictatorship, er, great state each year.

Photographer and ASU Regents professor Mark Klett paired up with ASU graduate Byron Wolfe to re-create famous images of Arizona’s top tourist attraction in “Reconstructing the View."

In this exhibit, Klett and Wolfe digitally juxtapose modern photos of the Grand Canyon with early illustrations. "I haven't been involved in geology for many decades, but it does give me an appreciation for the role of time as it has shaped the canyon," says Klett. "[Byron and I] think of the images as a kind of visual corollary to the layers of rock strata."

Thu., May 6, 7-9 p.m., 2010


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