The Jackalope is Named

It's official. She has a name.

Last month, we asked you to cast a name for our dear mascot at the opening of a very fitting art exhibition, "Re-Imagining the West," at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

And we were impressed. There were a few "Jack A. Lope", "Jack Lopez" and "Jackie" entries. But one name stuck.

The winner and official namer of the Jackalope won a SMoCA annual membership and bragging rights, of course.

Check out the winner and name after the jump ...

It's Mavis.

We're pretty sure there's such thing as a female Jackalope (as the species/legend continues), and as rumor has it, they can even be milked ... but now we're veering in a completely different direction.

In any case, please welcome Mavis -- the sassy, self-respecting Jackalope -- to the family. She'll be around for a while and may even need a companion in the far future.  

All name credit is due to Damian Johnson, who can hopefully be found at SMoCA using his free membership.


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