The Kissing Game

Have you been smooch-less during New Year's Eve past? Well, look no further than Scottsdale’s Ultimate Block Party. Because, once the clock hits midnight, there will be about 7,000 kisses to give out, and you should be able to score at least one.


Just how ultimate will the shindig be? Well, imagine combining five concerts with four bars, and then adding in a splash of block party, which includes a lineup of ska hotshots Reel Big Fish, some reggae rock, emo pop, and a cover band called Metal Elvis that does exactly what its name suggests. If that isn’t for you, just head over to one of the four bars involved – including Acme Bar & Grill, Dos Gringos, and Upper Deck Sports Grill – and make your own fun.

Presale tickets cost $35, but if you make it to the 5th Avenue gate before 9, you can get in for $10.

Thu., Dec. 31, 6 p.m., 2009


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