The Oscars: The Good, The Bad, and a Whole Lot of Right Leg

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The Oscars: The Good, The Bad, and a Whole Lot of Right Leg

Today's buzz is bound to be all-things-Oscars. For everything you already know (thanks to your friends on Twitter), check out the Oscars website. For a quick recap, keep reading: 

The Good:
- Meryl Streep's acceptance speech after winning best actress for "The Iron Lady": "When they called my name I had this feeling I can hear half of America going, 'Oh no, oh come on, why her, again? ... But whatever."

- Milla Jovovich in a dress by Elie Saab. 

- (Another) Scorsese-inspired Oscars drinking game. Well played. 

- Chris Rock on animation

- A very cool performance from Cirque de Soleil (skip to 1:00).

The Bad:
- Stacey Keibler and Virginia Madsen's dresses. 

- The Oscars 2012: Saving all the awards we care about for the last 30 minutes. 

- Only two nominations for "Original Song." We love the Muppets, but really? 

- Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz

- Ellen DeGeneres for JCPenney (in case you didn't TiVo).

Angelina Jolie's Right Leg: 

- Shot from all angles.

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