The Raconteurs

Before audiobooks, before books of any kind, we humans delighted in the oral tradition -- of storytelling, that is. (Other delights are, shall we say, another story.) And we still revel in a well-told tale passed through generations and across cultures.

South Mountain Community College is the only Arizona school where you can earn a certificate in storytelling, a skill that comes in way handy in many professions as well as in your personal life. (Even if the stories are true.)

SMCC's Storytelling Institute presents popular public performances throughout the year, including "Myth Informed" and "La Lloronathon." The current series, "Folktales for Grownups," wraps up on Wednesday, April 11, with a show called "The Jury's Out: Tales of Justice" at the Studio Theatre on campus.

Wed., April 11, 6:30 p.m., 2012


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