The Raw Expedition

Actress Nia Long has a sister – Sommore, a straight-talking, no-nonsense ball of thunder who cuts into men like a hot knife through butter. And on Friday, July 31, the topical comedian’s in town to cut everyone up. Be prepared, because the Trenton, New Jersey, native is armed with an onslaught of smarmy jokes, sarcasm, a foul mouth, and tight-fitting leather one-pieces, sorta like a female Eddie Murphy (back in his Raw days, that is).

The onetime public schoolteacher is a veteran of Hollywood (Friday After Next, Soul Plane, Dirty Laundry) and the Queens of Comedy tour. She’s put in some de rigeur celeb time on a reality weight-loss show (VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club), traded barbs with Bill Maher, and sold out shows across the country while approaching comedy from the raunchy, sex-fueled ground traditionally occupied by males. According to Lil’ Kim, “[Sommore] is the original bad girl of comedy.” Now if that isn’t street cred, then nothing is.

Fri., July 31, 8 p.m., 2009


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