The Seven Best Jack-O-Lanterns Ever

As kids, making a jack-o-lantern was simple: Scoop out the guts, carve a couple eyes and a jagged-looking mouth, pop in a candle, and voila. It was the perfect Halloween decoration for your front porch that would usually last until the neighborhood hooligans would smash it to bits.

Nowadays, however, slicing and dicing a pumpkin into jack-o-lantern has become an odd artform. There are countless websites and tutorials dedicated to transforming an orange gourd into a breathtaking masterpiece, homages to such geeky interests as Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica, or other extraordinary designs.

The web is also rife with pumpkin carvers showing off their unique and impressive efforts, some of which we've assembled into a list of cool jack-o-lanterns.

Read on for a look at some the grooviest gourds around, which might just inspire you to create one of your own. 

The Seven Best Jack-O-Lanterns Ever

8. The Death Star's Wrath
Many have made the iconic space station from Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope into a jack-'o-lantern, but one geek took things a step further by adding an exploding pumpkin as the target of Death Star's laser weapon.

The Seven Best Jack-O-Lanterns Ever

6. Noel Dickover's Sleeping Beauty
If you happen to visit the Virginia home of Noel Dickover, expect to be impressed by the dozens of intricate ly fashioned designs. Our favorite is the one featuring the battle between Maleficent and Prince Philip from the 1959 Disney classic.


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