The Seven Greatest Names for Strip Clubs ... All Found in Phoenix

Strip club owners will try absolutely anything to get you to step through their front door (preferably with pockets full of cash). 

For many of the Valley's numerous ecdysiast parlors, it means two-for-one drink deals, theme nights, or special appearances by porn stars.

Other establishments, however, entice patrons by giving their joint a shameless or salacious-sounding name that implies the sort of adult-oriented thrills that await. Some of the names of said establishments are also pretty amusing to boot.

We've surveyed the local strip club scene and complied a list of some of the most brazen and bizarrely funny strip clubs names in the Valley.

The Seven Greatest Names for Strip Clubs ... All Found in Phoenix
Photos by Benjamin Leatherman

7. Teasers
If you didn't already guess because of its shape and color, the building that houses this Grand Avenue skin emporium used to be the location of an old Pizza Hut. These days, however, there's nary any Italian food to be seen as the joint serves up topless dancers who tease their patrons (hence the name) by shaking their moneymakers for cash.

6. Bandaids
According to the employees of the divey Seventh Street show lounge, which has practically become a downtown Phoenix institution, it's amusing name stems from the fact that topless performers were required by to wear pasties back when club first opened in 1969. Its original owners had its dancers use Bandaids and the rest is history.

The Seven Greatest Names for Strip Clubs ... All Found in Phoenix

5. The Blue Moon
The construction workers and other blue-collar types who frequent here witness plenty of mooning, even if it's in the afternoon (a popular time for the day shift to sneak a peek). The dancers at the all-nude Blue Moon typically go the Full Monty and take off everything, leaving nothing to the imagination. Sadly, per state liquor laws (which ban alcohol from all-nude clubs) they won't be able to enjoy a snootfull while getting an eyeful.

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