The Six Coolest and Coldest Summer Spa Treatments

There are few redeeming qualities about this city when it comes to the summer months. But if you can't beat it ('cause, trust us, you can't), you might as well head to the spa to drop some coin on a few hours of rest, relaxation, and respite from the blaze.

Here's our list of the six coolest -- and we mean literally -- and downright cold spa treatments for the summer.

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Laguna Beach Kur at Spa Montage in Laguna Beach, CA 60 Minutes - $225

Nothing's more exhausting than living in a constant state of hot, which is why this treatment, meant to combat fatigue sounds oh-so-perfect. Following a mustard and eucalyptus hydrotherapy sesh, they put you in a cold wrap using indigenous botanicals.

Cold sauna at Sparkling Hill Resort in British Columbia 10 treatments - $300

If a wrap's just not going to cut it. then try this one on for size. The cold sauna at Sparkling Hill's KurSpa is set to a frigid minus 110 degrees Celsius. The chamber is monitored, and guests enter with light clothing, socks, shoes, a headband, face mask, and gloves. All of which still won't stop your skin from dropping to 5 degrees Celsius. The cold is supposed to make the blood vessels "build a protection zone" to maintain core body temperature while boosting the hormonal and circulatory systems.

Oh, but don't worry, because "the room is dry cold which makes it comfortable."


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