The Suit Life

The typical beauty pageant normally consists of pounds of makeup, poofy, bedazzled dresses, and dental flippers. The lucky lady who manages to combine these essential components to look her best is awarded a shiny sash and sparkly crown.

That is, unless you’re in Phoenix. Then the competition comes down to who looks the hottest in a bikini and has the most, loudest friends. Or at least that’s what it takes to win the title Miss Spanish Fly.

Join Scottsdale’s sexiest resort-style pool bar, Spanish Fly for the crowning of the Valley’s soon-to-be most popular bikini clad young lady a.k.a. Miss Spanish Fly.

Drink specials will be flowin’, the tunes will be rockin’, the bikinis will be tiny, and everyone over 21will be invited to this special poolside ceremony.

Sun., Aug. 12, 8 p.m., 2012


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