The Territorial Cup Runneth Over

Win or lose, there are some folks who will be way more affected by the outcome of the ASU vs. UofA football game than the fans. Namely, the Sun Devil seniors, who will be playing, for the final time, in the maroon and gold. That includes DE Dexter Davis, WR Chris McGaha, and LB Mike Nixon, the 26-year old tackling phenom who could be playing his final game ever of high-level athletics.

With that said, the Valley don't take kindly to no Tucsonans, so this won’t be a tea party for Wilbur Wildcat and “Bear Down” and all of that foolishness. Expect hate to the nth degree during the Territorial Cup, pussycats.

Sat., Nov. 28, 1:30 p.m., 2009


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