The Three Most Ridiculous Olympic-Themed Video Games

The Olympics are happening. They've been happening for a long time, but thanks to awesome new innovations in technology we get to collectively laugh at hilarious inadvertently embarrassing things people do when they're competing in the sports equivalent of The Final Countdown.

We also get to play video games based on their exploits.

While once the Olympic Games were limited to Grecian city-state representatives that could speak Greek, now gamers are gifted with the opportunity to boil something that takes a lifetime to achieve down to some button-mashing minigames. Sometimes we even get to play as Sonic or Mario and compete against eachother in the iconic competition.

The list this week is going to be the three mind-bogglingest olympic themed video games, but it must be acknowledged that licensed Olympic games are about as equally insane as the following list.

They're rushed, lazy, and generally only purchased because kids are able to feign just enough interest in their cultural heritage to score a free game from mom and dad. Check out the 1996 Nagano Olympics themed game for more crazy, and maybe also check out the article if you're so inclined.

3. Track and Field Track and Field is awesome, and about as close to a gaming Olympic event on its own. Generally, Track and Field tests a gamer's ability to mash buttons quicker than the other guy. Originally released in 1983, the game includes events like the 100 Meter Dash, Javelin Throw, and the High Jump.

Essentially, this means press buttons really fast while occasionally pressing another button. You've probably spotted a Track and Field machine at your local bar, and it makes for an ideal way to spend a couple of quarters. The game functions as a kind of crazy meta-commentary on the olympics, as all of its grand gameplay ideas can be boiled down to a game where you get to laugh at the other guy because your dude ran faster than the other dude. USA! USA! USA!

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