The Truth is Out There

National Coming Out Day is an annual opportunity for gay people who have been pretending to be heterosexual to stop lying about themselves and announce their proclivities to the world. Typically, what they do instead is get loaded and attend an umpteenth drag show at a gay bar. This year, L.A. playwright/author Del Shores (best known for Sordid Lives, his popular play-turned-film about oddball Southerners that became a 12-episode cable-TV program) is offering an alternative with a new one-man show, My Sordid Life, in which he reveals real-life stories that inspired his writing. The program sorts fact from fiction for those who care about where writers get their inspiration. (For those who do not, it describes what gay people do when they’re not decorating fashionable town homes.)

Sun., Oct. 11, 7-9:30 p.m., 2009


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