The Zen of Rodeo

It’s amazing how many freaking blogs are truly out there. Just the other day, we stumbled upon one featuring the surprisingly emotional musings of the cowboys on the Professional Bull Riders circuit. Take this example from an entry titled “The winner within . . .” by Reese Cates: “It’s crazy. I've never been bucked off this much,” writes Cates. “If I could have a break I would go home and get on some practice bulls where there's no pressure, just relax and have fun. But you have to be way tougher to stay out here. . . . I had three hours of sleep last night and I'm not even tired right now. The energy gets you going so, yeah, I'm ready to be there and I'm ready to ride.”

Hey, it’s not Zane Grey, but it still hits us in a soft spot.

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