They See Dead People

We'll occasionally tune in to CBS' Ghost Whisperer to check out Jennifer Love Hewitt's boo . . . er, sparkling acting abilities, and to NBC's Medium because, well, Patricia Arquette actually has acting abilities. Then there's the dearly departed's main man -- James Van Praagh, whose work as a medium inspired Ghost Whisperer -- and the Valley's own conduit to the dead, ASU grad Allison DuBois, whose best-seller Don't Kiss Them Good-Bye provided the impetus for Medium. We could go on -- and on, and on -- but suffice it to say that communing with the croaked is all the rage these days.

Glendale's self-described "international intuitive, medium, and spiritual teacher" Sunny Dawn Johnston will provide a primer on gabbing with goners in her "Mediumship -- Connecting With Deceased Loved Ones". Serious medium wanna-bes only, please; those who want to know where Uncle Jed buried his loot need not apply.

Thu., Aug. 30, 7 p.m.


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