They See Me Rollin'

The geeky game of Dungeons and Dragons has afforded many a nerd the chance to transcend their dorky existence and become larger than life since its conception in 1974. According to geeky comedian Patton Oswalt, however, Gary Gygax’s legendary role-playing game also accomplished something a bit more progressive.

“I wonder if people realize how, simultaneously, Dungeons and Dragons was wildly progressive and archaic,” Oswalt wrote in his recent book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland. “Human beings were no longer black and white, male and female. We were all one, sharing the world, equal against the elves and halflings.”

This weekend’s gaming event Back2Basic: A ‘70s D&D Experience will use the game for a similarly high-minded purpose, as wanna-be wizards and warlocks will toss their d20s for charity at Imperial Outpost Games, 4920 West Thunderbird Road in Glendale. Participants will engage in an afternoon of sword and sorcery sessions utilizing 1978’s Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set and the gameplay modules In Search of the Unknown and The Keep on the Borderlands. Donations will be accepted and potions, spells, and other game items will be sold benefiting the Tracie's Tooth Fairy cancer charity. Prizes will also be awarded to the players with the best ‘70s outfits.

Sat., Oct. 29, 1 p.m., 2011


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