Tiger's tale

Before embarking on a national tour with Valley darlings Dear and The Headlights — one that ends with a swanky SxSW showcase — Phoenix's own Miniature Tigers will hone their craft at Modified Arts. A spot at SxSW seems like the natural progression for the band, fresh off their performance at the 2008 CMJ Music Marathon in October. Bearing the weight of raising the Valley's music scene on a national level is a task Miniature Tigers no doubt relish. Equipped with an effortless brand of alternative/indie rock, the quartet is lead by Charlie Brand's boyish vocals — the perfect complement to light, airy songs about cannibals, giraffes, and Tchaikovsky. A quick look at the band's MySpace reveals that they are just normal dudes who enjoy watching Lost. That persona shines through in songs like "The Wolf," a fun, rollicking ballad that smacks of Weezer — when that band was in their young, innocent years. Miniature Tigers aren't shooting for the artistic moon, and it's that attitude that makes their sound all the more perfect. Once SxSW gets a hold of the Tigers' sound, Valley music will be bolstered by their efforts.
Fri., Jan. 9, 7 p.m., 2009


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